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Artisan works on a global platform that brings together leading industry players and solution providers to enable successful deployments of simulation models. Driven by a passion for partnering with the best, we have developed a network of partners with the proven ability to deliver accurate and optimal solutions.


Our Partners:


Maplesoft, Waterloo Maple Inc. 2008

Maple provides an advanced, high performance mathematical computation engine with fully integrated numerics & symbolics, all accessible from a WYSIWYG technical document environment. Live math is expressed in its natural 2D typeset notation, state-of-the-art graphics and animations with full document editing and presentation control.


MATLAB SIMULINK © 1994-2008 The MathWorks, Inc

Most major automotive manufacturer, and supplier in the world uses MATLAB® and Simulink® to develop systems by exploring and analyzing ideas, modeling and simulating systems, rapidly prototyping concepts in the vehicle, and then deploying to production hardware. Simulink and Stateflow® software , SimMechanics™, and SimPowerSystems™ provide capabilities for modeling and simulating many different vehicle systems and associated control algorithms.


Stateflow  © 1994-2008 The MathWorks, Inc.

Stateflow® extends Simulink® with a design environment for developing state machines and flow charts. Stateflow software provides the language elements required to describe complex logic in a natural, readable, and understandable form. It is tightly integrated with MATLAB® and Simulink products, by using which we, at Artisan are provided with an efficient environment for designing embedded systems that contain control, supervisory, and mode logic.


Adams MSC.Software Corporation

Adams is the world's most widely used mechanical system simulation software. The multidisciplinary focus accelerates across-the-board efficiency improvement by driving early design validation, improved product performance, and rapid insight into product lifecycle performance. Working with the MD Adams/Car simulation environment, our automotive engineering teams at Artisan can exercise their vehicle designs under various road conditions, performing the same tests they normally run in a test lab or on a test track, but in a fraction of the time and cost.


CarSim © 2005-2008 Mechanical Simulation Corporation

CarSim simulates and animates dynamic tests of cars, utility vehicles, and racecars. Artisan extensively uses this system-level vehicle simulation tool for highly effcient custom math models. They are used at over 30 car and truck OEMs, over 60 supplier companies, and over 150 universities and research labs.


LabVIEW © 2008 National Instruments Corporation

LabVIEW graphical programming has revolutionized the development of test, measurement, and control applications.


Pi Research © 2008 Pi Research

Artisan partners with Pi Research which is recognised throughout the motorsports industry as a market leader in high performance vehicle electronics and wind tunnel control systems. Pi research has technologies to deliver on-board data reduction and real time telemetry, combined with the class-leading Pi Toolbox analysis software.


VI Grade © VI-grade engineering software & services 

VI grade are pioneers in CAE mechanical systems and have over twenty years of experience in ADAMS. With their expertise and products like VI-SportsCar, VI-CarRealTime, VI-Motorcycle, VI-Rail and VI-Aircraft Vi-Grade  helps our customers in the automotive, motorcycle, rail, aircraft and racing industry to get the most out of system-level simulation.