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Company Overview

Artisan Consulting began as a mid-sized technology solution provider in 2001, and has since then earned a strong success record in providing unique program management solutions to a diverse group of industries such as automotive, motorsports and aerospace.

Artisan is distinguished by its innovative thinking, sense of commitment to deadlines and product quality.

Artisan Engineering

Artisan’s ideal of conservation and development, through the input of design, analysis and simulation led to the formation of an exclusive engineering division, Artisan Engineering, in 2002.

Artisan Engineering’s core competencies include vehicle dynamics, racing set up, control systems, and power train dynamics that form the perfect platform for devising key simulation technologies in the automotive, motorsport, and defense industries.

Bringing together state of the art engineering and simulation techniques and innovative management techniques has made us a fast growing engineering outfit, continually adding new competencies and strengthening existing ones while exploring new simulation methods.

Today, we provide affordable, high quality simulation solutions to the automotive, motorsport and defense industries.